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Patriot Ammo: The Words Behind Our Flag
Patriot Ammo

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A majority of Americans cannot identify the three branches of government (much less how it operates) and the percentages among high school students is even worse. Our founders and founding principles are under attack like no other time in our history. Many people are waking up to this fact. A whole generation and more has been raised being taught of the flaws of our country without realizing the greatness it has achieved. That grandeur has been reduced to slavery and exploitation. Instruction on the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution is not emphasized or when taught is done so in an incomplete or insincere manner. This is the power of government run public education and a planned attack on our republic.

Patriot Ammo was written with one purpose in mind- to educate American students about our Founding documents and principles. Most of the problems we witness today in our nation stem from a lack of civics knowledge. This book will give the student the knowledge to counter the forces which attack our country's continued prosperity and liberty. It is my hope that my words can once again help to stir the feelings of unity and liberty amongst the people. The truth about the principles of our founding and what we have accomplished in so short of time is a miracle story. It is time that this story be told truthfully once again. When our founding documents are understood by more people I believe we will see a resurgence of freedom in this country. When more people take an interest in the Declaration of Independence and Constitution the woes of this country will again be rightfully identified, attacked and eliminated.

Get educated. Get involved. Get Patriot Ammo. It is a very small price to pay for the knowledge to support our nation. Education is the cornerstone of liberty. 

This book is 111 pages and only available in paperback. 

Just finished the "Patriot Ammo", The Words Behind The Flag by Frank Caprio. It's a short book (only about a hundred and ten pages) It's a good walk through the Declaration and Constitution and would be a good primer for those who might be new or just starting their search. It stresses the key is education and that becoming educated is only the beginning. What use is being educated if you don't use it and share it with others? I would recommend to add this book to your library.

Bill Boillot
Founder's Keep